Dear Elected Officials,

Our hearts are with the thousands of people infected by the Covid-19 virus and the millions of people in the United States that have recently been laid-off, furloughed or downsized.  The Covid-19 pandemic has taken many casualties, and the American worker has been hit particularly hard. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we employ hundreds of thousands of workers and our companies represent billions of dollars revenue. Because of the economic shutdown, we’ve been forced to lay off massive numbers of employees. We want to protect the lives of our employees by ensuring they have jobs waiting for them in the weeks to come.

Make no mistake, many businesses will never recover from this economic shutdown. Every single day matters. The local, state and federal officials must act swiftly.

As business owners, we implore you to Turn the Economy Back On. Myriad studies have shown that for every point of unemployment, tens of thousands of lives are negatively impacted or lost altogether. At the current rate, most estimates show unemployment exceeding 10% by April 2020. Continuing the blanket strategy of horizontal isolation will result in the unconscionable loss of life and multi-generational poverty.


Move to Vertical Separation on April 24th.
This action will isolate and protect those at risk amongst us while allowing those who are resistant to the virus to return to work and contribute to the economy. Vertical Separation will stop the unemployment rate from its meteoric rise and help stave off a depression.

Our country’s greatest strengths have always been our democracy and our economy; by crippling one, we jeopardize the other. For the past few weeks, many politicians have said: “We are saving lives at the expense of the economy.” It’s time to change that paradigm. We need to save lives by saving the economy.

Protect those who need protection and let the rest of us go to work.

Concerned CEOs of America

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